Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Old Pictures

 Since I don't have much to blog about lately, I thought I would post some old pictures for the fun of it.  Most of these were taken in '09, the year Daniel was born.

The shirt Megan is wearing now fits Sarah...

 I believe this was the first night the kids slept on bunkbeds!!

This one was from '10

 This was last year...Crazy how big my kids are getting!!!  We just love them to pieces!!!!!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Monthly Update

 Sarah put on a fashion show for me and Daniel the other day :)
Model Sarah:

The audience:

 Daisy has really enjoyed the snow lately, she love to run circles in the backyard and stick her nose in the snow, it is fun to watch.

This puppy also LOVES her blankie.  It is a blanket I found in our basement when we first got her so I put it in her kennel and she loved it so now she has to have it every night at bedtime, plus in the morning or whenever her blanket is in the kennel she will pull it out with her.  She thinks it is a fun game to hold it in her mouth and play tug of war with it with us, but after a few rips in it, I try not to do that anymore.  Cute huh?!
She really wants to take her blanket out in the snow but I won't let her.

 Our kitten Mischief likes to sleep with stuffed animals :)
These are some pictures of the kids on Brent's birthday recently eating ice cream cake.

Can you guess how old he turned on his last birthday??  :)

 In my last post it was about stitches for Daniel, well it was Daisy's turn for stitches :)  she was spade a couple weeks ago so if you look closely she has stitches in her belly.  I didn't feel nearly as bad for her as I did for Daniel when he had them.
 A picture I took this morning, we woke up to fresh new snow and it was really pretty, the tops of all the trees were white, I like it when it snows like this and then warms up enough that you don't have to shovel.

Friday, January 20, 2012

stitches for Daniel

10 years and 4 kids and not one broken bone or stitch until ms Daisy.  She is such a puppy...hyper, crazy, always wants to play, she sees the kids run and wants to play too, you make high pitched noises at her and she comes running and tries to either lick you or bite you, depending on her mood.  

So it was a lovely Tuesday morning, I was just finishing up my make-up with a towel on my head, the kids were all in my room, they had all dressed (except Daniel who was next) and were talking/playing while I finished.  Daisy was on my bed. 

 Daniel had a ball and started running out the door and Daisy decided it would be fun to go after him so she leaped off the bed landing on Daniels back thus shoving him into the corner of the bedroom door. That is when the chaos started.... Daniel turned around crying holding his head with blood running out beneath his fingers.  I quickly laid him down on the floor and told Joseph to grab me the tissues from the bathroom since he was standing closest to the door.  He made it half way there, turned around and started trying to tell me that he saw what happened and wanted to tell me.  I think I snapped at him to get me the tissues first.  

Megan kept asking me what happened

and Sarah was running back and forth between my room and hers screaming "BLOOD, BLOOD!!!"  :)  (she doesn't do to well with blood)

Once I had the tissues I held a wad of them on Daniels forehead, while he is still crying.  I told the kids to all just stop and settle down, then I told Daniel to take some deep breaths (this is something I taught Sarah and Daniel from a young age, when they get hurt I quickly tell them to take deep breaths and this gets their mind off of what happened, gets them breathing and most of the time to stop crying, they can then listen to me try to comfort them.)  So as he took deep breaths, Joseph got me the phone and called a neighbor to come pick them up and take them to school and she offered to take Sarah since she didn't have to work and since Sarah is no good with blood, that was Great not to have to take her!  
I then called another friend who sent out an announcement canceling cooking club/playgroup which was to be held at my home at 9:30am that morning. (thanks heavens for that being scheduled because it meant that I was showered and dressed and not all stinky from my morning workout, and all the kids' backpacks and lunches and everything they needed for school got done early that morning) Then I tried calling Brent to let him know what was going on, but had to leave a message.  (THANKS SUSAN and ANGIE!!:) 

  Daisy walked around wondering what all the commotion was about.

 The kids quickly got shoes and coats on and were ready to go out the door when Susan came to get them. Joseph had put Daisy in her kennel, by this time Daniel's forehead had mostly stopped bleeding and I left him laying on the couch while I got shoes and a coat on myself.  (I had had Megan hold the tissues on his forehead while I took my hair out of the towel and put it up in my normal ponytail)

 I wished I would have reassured Megan, Sarah and Joseph that he would be okay and that he would just have to get stitches, they were pretty worried when they left.  I left Daniel in his pajamas, put his coat on and made my way to our walk-in clinic.  All the way there he had a huge frown on his face and kept saying "Daisy a bad dog"  We waited for about 20 minutes in the waiting room, then we followed the nurse back to the waiting room.  She cleaned it off a little and I held a gauze with numbing stuff on it for about 5 minutes, the doctor then came in, looked at it, gave him a few shots, which he cried through, and then started stitching his head.  Once his head was numb and the stitching started Daniel quickly quieted down and me and the nurse didn't even have to hold him down, he just laid there and let the doctor put 6 stitches in his  forehead and fix his owie :)  SO BRAVE!   after all that he was still a little sad but by the time we picked up Sarah and got home he was his happy self.

After we got home I kept thinking of how Megan and Joseph looked when they left and how they didn't even say bye to Daniel or me, because they were so upset and that they probably would be having a hard time concentrating at school if they were worried about him.  So I sent an email to both of their teachers telling them what happened and to please let them know he got 6 stitches and he was happy and calling me names (when he calls you names you know he is doing good)  Their teachers passed on the message and when they got home that day they both were so glad that I did.  Joseph said he kept thinking about Daniel until then and Megan said her stomach hurt up until her teacher told her he was just fine.  How adorable and loving are they?!

So all is fine now, his stitches are out, which he was a brave boy again, didn't even cry, just laid there on the table concentrating on feeling the tug of the stitches as they came out. 
Daisy has been forgiven...
and Daniel wins the award for first emergency visit for our kids  :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nerds, 5year olds, and Christmas trees

Megan and Joseph thought it would be funny to try and be nerds...what do you think, 
do they make good nerds??

 This girl''s hair is out of control, she is growing out her bangs and her hair is past the middle of her back.

 Christmas tree all up and decorated.  Kids did a great job.  Now if only the puppy and the cats would leave it alone.  I put branches back on it and lights back up every day!
 Tree with the Tree pose.
 Up close.

 Can't believe my baby girl is 5!  She is adorable and we LOVE her tons!

 These two are good little buddies :)

 Sad little pup with a muzzle on.  Someday Daisy, someday (when you stop trying to bite my hand off when I try to pet you)  You will not have to wear that stinky thing.

Anyone have a shock collar they would like to let us buy or borrow????