Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Why I wish I were a child again

There are a few reasons that I wish I could be a child again.

1. I wish I had no worries.
I wish my biggest worry of the day was where I put my favorite stuffed animal or car. Or what I wanted to do today, Play or Play some more, then maybe take a nap.

2. I wish I could play and play.
Playing is much more fun than laundry, doing the dishes, cleaning cat puke up off the floor (yes we have 4 cats), changing dirty diapers, cleaning bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming, making breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with snacks in between, picking up toys, cleaning bathrooms (I know I already said this one but it needs said again), and all the other wonderful duties of motherhood and adulthood.

3. I wish I had all the energy they do.
I think we have all said "if I had half the energy as that child....". This statement is sooo true. If I did have their energy I would be able to get all the above listed duties done in one day instead of ....(tried to think of a time period, but honestly these are never ending, do over and over again things)

4. The biggest reason is that I wish I could sleep like they do!
I wish I could have that deep, deep sleep back! Since having kids, sleep depends on them. If they are sick are they going to wake up, if they are infants, you're doing feedings, if they have nightmares are they going to wake you up, and mostly if there is a storm are they going to come bursting into your room and ready to jump under the covers with you and hide. Megan gets up 9 out of 10 times, but Sarah and Joseph are never aware of what is going on.

I grew up in Sandy, Utah, we didn't have storms like they have here. I remember 1 storm vividly in Utah when I was growing up and that was because a neighbors horse got out and it was running scared in our yard and they were trying to catch it and put it back in their barn. Very exciting!

The storms here are vicious. That is my word for them: vicious. I lay in bed last night, half awake half asleep, you know what I mean. And I am hearing thunder, almost constant (you know what I mean if you live here), and I was half thinking (cause I was half awake) "when is the rain going to start". It is inevitable, when it storms at night... it STORMS. So after a little while it started to POUR then it turned to hail, and Megan (she is scared of thunder), comes running in and jumps up on the bed with us. She says it is to loud in her room (really it is Joseph's room, but they sleep together, he has our old queen sized mattress) So I am heading Megan back to her bed, I will not let our kids sleep with us, not an option! The only time that is allowed is when Brent or I are up and they can lay on our side of the bed and go back to sleep, other than this, they think are bed is for playing on. (grateful they don't think that of their beds)

Anyway, so after Megan and I go downstairs to unplug the computer and check the back door to make sure it isn't leaking (because as a responsible adult I have to think of these things) And Megan thinks it is scary because I don't turn on the lights, which I don't have to because with constant thunder, that means constant lightning so it was pretty light, almost like someone playing with a light switch on/off, on/off....I take her back to bed and the hail was hitting the house just right and it sounded like someone was hitting their window with rocks, left and right. I told her it will pass and won't last long, which it didn't.

So she quickly goes back to sleep, which brings me to another wish... I wish I could fall asleep so easily and not lay in bed and think of all the things I have to do this week and then my final thought....what I am going to post about next time....... :)