Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Full sit ups and new pants

Full sit-ups - When I started the kickboxing program, for our first "test", we had to run a mile and do a minutes of push-ups and sit-ups. Doesn't sound to hard, right? Well, it was harder than I thought. I walked/ran the mile, did okay on the push-ups and did about 10 full sit ups. Someone had to hold our feet down and we had to grab our shirt and sit up all the way, like in gym when I was in school. So today, during our workout, we did rotating exercises and one of them was full sit-ups for about 30 seconds. I am proud to say that I did full sit-ups for the full 30sec.!!! I counted to 20 before I got distracted by listening to the next exercise to do. This proves something is happening!
New pants - For the last year I have been wearing the same 3 pairs of pants. The last few days I have noticed that I am constantly pulling them up and I could pull them down without unbuttoning/zipping them. So I tried on my pants, the ones I fit into before I got pregnant with Sarah. They don't fit. Yet. But I did have to go buy new pants yesterday, because I am a size in between what I was wearing to what I wore before Sarah! This is sooo exciting to me. I have not seen any difference in my actual weight, but obviously I am losing inches!
This is the 4th week since I started this program and I was starting to feel a little bored since I haven't seen any difference and these two things have given me new found commitment and excitement.
Since the weather has been nice too, we have been going outside a lot and either taking walks or practicing t-ball in the backyard. Megan and Joseph are becoming very good little baseball players and Sarah is enjoying walking around stealing all the balls! She especially likes the baseballs that Brent pitches to the kids. It has all been a lot of fun. If any of you have ever seen SpongeBob, my kids have been saying at the end of every day "This is the best day ever!" singing to the tune of that song.
Today, I sent Megan off to school for the first time this year in shorts! She was so excited, she asked me if it looked like she was "going out to summer". I also noticed yesterday that people our finally getting out to take down their christmas lights. Can you believe it?! It is the end of April and people are still needing to take them down, I saw 2 people yesterday doing this! Thanks heavens for nicer weather!