Sunday, July 13, 2008

6 for 6

Little Sarah, so happy to see the camera!!!!
She is finally leaving her hair up! Her hair is long enough to constantly be in her face if it is not up and when we were in Utah, she was frustated saying "Hair...Face!" and now she can finally see. She learned that her hair will stay out of her face if she leaves her hair ties in!!!!

Megan, before the her tooth falling out.

Megan and Joseph being friendly!!!!

It is hard to believe that my 6 year old has lost 6 teeth! She lost another one last night and #7 is hopefully close behind. She should have lost #7 way before #5 and #6, but since #7 was really lose on the right side of her mouth she started eating only on the left side and caused those 2 to fall out! My memory card is full but I will clear it and post a picture of her latest toothless spot later! Congrats Megan!!!