Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What do you do...

on a Perfectly great Christmas break, sunny, warm, with lots of snow on the ground kind of day?????

Build a Snow Fort!!!!

The kids and I spent a couple hours outside yesterday sledding a little (we all got a bit tired of climbing back up the big hill in the back) and we built this snow fort in the front yard. It was lots of fun and the kids kept talking about how awesome it was and how they never thought that they would ever be able to build anything like this. It was some precious time spent with them.
Joseph looks like he isn't in this first picture but he is actually looking out the little window.

These next pictures are from Christmas. We were at Brent's parents.
The kids are ready to go to church.

Daniel Loved laying on this wonderful dog, Caden.

Sarah with her new vanity on Christmas morning. We put this in her room and I was walking downstairs one morning and thought she was asleep, but then heard this going off (it plays a litle song) and found her in there "putting on her make-up".

Megan and cousin Bailee, hanging out Christmas morning

Decorating sugar cookies on Christmas Eve, they were sooo yummy!

If you can't tell, Daniel was in Heaven doing this!

Another little fun thing the kids did, made a T land out of blocks. They thought this was pretty cool.

And last, Daniel caught reading by the stairs.