Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bloggity Blog Update

Megan's 9th birthday party. The girls were running down the hill behind our house and were a bit tired after.

Instead of a cake we decorated cupcakes. Something to make the time busy between 5 girlies!

Apple orchard slide, that's Megan and Sarah going down together on a potato sack.

Joseph going down the slide and Brent, Sarah and Megan at the bottom. We all went down, even me and Daniel.

Laying in the corn pool!



Who doesn't love sitting in a pool full of kernals of corn?!

This one is just an adoralbe picture of Daniel

Other happenings, I turned the big 3-0 on Halloween. Not much of a big event. I still feel like I am 29 :)
We recently had parent-teacher conferences with all of the kids teachers. They went very well. Megan is being challenged in reading by her teacher having her read a book they read in junior high and math is going well. Joseph is on a high reading level too. He loves the Magic Tree House books and brings home 2-3 every week. These books are 10 chapters long and about 65 pages. He Loves them. Sarah is doing great in preschool too and has just about learned writing her name down, all except for the S.
My mother and father-in-law recently came up to watch our primary program. The program was excellent like always. I am so proud of all my primary kids, they are always wonderful in the program!
While here my mother-in-law made a wrong turn in a doorway and fell down the steps into the baptismal font in our church building. The door was suppose to have been locked. She ended up breaking her humurus bone in her shoulder, dislocating her shoulder and breaking her wrist. Ouch! I felt pretty horrible all that happened to her. Luckily she is making a slow but sure recovery. She is one tough woman!
Not much more to report on now. I really needed to update this blog though.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!