Friday, November 7, 2008


Did I get that all in the title?

I feel I have been busy, busy, sick, sick, and tired, tired. So here is a quick update.
1. We heard the baby's heart beat for the first time yesterday. This is always exciting and fun and makes it a little more real.

2. My parents came to visit for about a week. As we were driving away from the airport from dropping them off the kids said they had a lot of fun with them here. This is always good to hear.

3. Sarah has learned how to jump, off the ground. It is pretty cute whenever she gets excited she jumps up and down 3-4 times. We get a good laugh watching her.

4. It snowed for the first time for this "winter". Not really looking forward to the below 0 weather and windchills and all that "wonderful winter" weather. But the kids were WAY excited. They even wanted to go out and shovel and build a snow man. To bad it doesn't even cover the grass completely!

5. We had a great Halloween with the kids (still haven't downloaded the pictures) Megan was a witch, a very cute one, Josesph was the devil and an FBI guy for preschool, his church preschool looks down on costumes that have anything to do with satan, and little Sarah was a Kitty and a pretty adorable one at that! They all had a great time. Megan and Joseph quickly got the go house to house tell a joke and get candy, Sarah on the other hand thought she had to eat each piece of candy she got before the next was quite fun!

6. I had my 28th birthday on Halloween. All I wanted was to have dinner at Texas Roadhouse, it was the 2nd time I have been there and I had been craving it for WEEKS.

7. Thats it for now!!!!