Monday, September 29, 2008

3 kids and a spider

Just a few little random things going on with us lately. First, Sarah....the big thing with her going on is that she thinks she is ready to potty train! She will be 2 on thanksgiving this year, she talks like crazy, and now every time her diaper is changed she wants to go potty on the "potty seat". We were having chef salad the other night for dinner I usaully give all the kids what we are eating at least a little bit of it, but I didn't give any salad to Sarah. I knew she wouldn't like it. So, she saw we all had salad and says as clear as can be "I want some salad too", it is still crazy to hear her talk to clearly sometimes. I think our little girl will be potty trained if I can keep it up with her, but we will see. She just seems so little, but she is the one who has started all this sooooooo.....

On to Megan, she is loving 1st grade still, I will love it when she gets home earlier! To answer a few questions, her school is being remodeled this year, so just about all the kids in her school are all being bused to a temporary school for just this year. It is a Bit farther than the 3 minute drive from our house and due to small parking lot and it being a small school, they don't want kids being picked up by parents, so this year she is riding the bus, she is one of the last to get picked up and one of the last to get home. The other day we were walking up the street from picking her up off of the corner from the bus and Brent pulls into our driveway. It was just about 5:00! Way to late in my opinion to be getting home, but she doesn't seem to mind and it is just for one year (so I keep having to remind myself).
Anyway, sorry that was long, she is also soaking up on how to read! She made a "series" of books based on a little boy named Robee, they are very cute, she drew all the pictures and she wrote all the words in the way they sound, e.i. sed=said, ses=says, eneewara=anywhere, dun=done, just to name a few. It is all very very cute! :) We are sooo proud of her!

The lastest going on with Joseph is he started soccer a couple of weeks ago. He really enjoys it and it is fun to see him play and ineract with the other kids. I will have to post some pictures of him playing soccer when I get them downloaded. He has seen Megan play 2 springs of baseball, a summer of dance and a fall of now it is HIS turn. Finally old enough to play something himself.
He is a smart boy, we were looking at some library books last night about the 9 planets, and he was able to tell me which planet was which, corrected me on the order of the planets on a diagram of them, and could spell each planet. He never ceases to amaze me on the things he knows and does. He is a tough one to get to say prayers and he loves to goof off and be silly and can be a little temperamental sometimes, but this all is part of him and why he is so much fun. And such a handsome boy!! He is also at an age where he wants to make lots of friends. There are a few boys at preschool that he wants to have over sometime and of course there is always his good friend Austin! And his best friends Megan and Sarah!

All of these pictures were taken of the kids the other night when we were outside playing.
There was also a great big spider who built a big web on the house next to the patio doors. He is big and ugly, about the size of a nickel. He was really active and moving all over, so we thought we would feed him a moth or two :) So in this picture is Mr. ugly spider and below it is, I believe a different bug he caught earlier and the first moth we fed him below that, wrapped in white. Brent caught the little moth then threw it on his web, the spider quickly crawled over to it and started wrapping it, let it sit for a couple of minutes, went back and ate it. It was all really neat to watch. He gave him a second one too. I got that on video! We all enjoyed watching the little cycle of life! But I don't think I will let Mr. ugly to take up permanent residence on the back of our house.........

The video is a little wobbly at first but gets better. I have never seen a spider in action like that in real life so I thought this was worthy of documenting.