Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happenings and Happy New Year!

Caution: a little long
Christmas was very enjoyable. We went to Brent's parents on christmas eve, we were able to see family and enjoy a nice evening at his parents house, with some yummy food.
Christmas morning the kids woke up around 7:00am (lucky for us...they went to bed at around 11:00pm) I was not ready to get up so I told them they had to wait. Sarah and I had slept HORRIBLE that night and I was exhausted and poor Sarah was still sound asleep. I made the kids do the normal use the bathroom and wait for us to set up the video camera, I woke Sarah and we headed downstairs to see what Santa brought....

Megan got a sled, Lucky the dog(an interactive dog and responds to its name and does "tricks"), and Webkinz. She got all she asked for and was so excited. She is displaying it on her new sled, except for Lucky, I don't where he was. Probably off tooting somewhere and then says "uh-oh sorry" this is pretty funny to the kids! She also received a game, a video, a much needed hello kitty alarm clock!, and more Webkinz, Thanks Uncle Chad and Bailee and Grandma and Grandpa!!!

Joseph also got a sled, a race track with hot wheels cars, and a scooter. He also got all he wanted. He loved the sled and often pretended he was sledding on the couch. They were also used for boats and beds and whatever else they could think of. He also got a webkinz dino from Megan and a very cool remote control Hummer, a game, cool walking dinosaur, and more Thanks Uncle Chad and Grandma and Grandpa!

Sarah unfortanelty did not get her dinosaur cake she wanted for christmas but she did get a microwave that works with pretend food, a cash register, a camera, and an elmo laptop. She was ecstatic and thoroughly LOVED playing with all of it. I was able to get Megan and Joseph dressed Christmas day but Sarah REFUSED, she did get a bath and was put right back into pajammies (as she calls them)

Mom and dad were pretty boring with gifts this year and they all just received a new outfit from us!

A picture of all of them and cousin Bailee.

The day before Christmas Eve we opened up all the gifts under our tree from all my family out in Utah. The 3 kiddos were Very excited to receive a Wii from Grandma and Grandpa Schow! They also were given clothes and new pajamas. From Uncle Bob and Aunt Robyn and kids, they received stickers and coloring items, I received some awesome recipe books, one of which is a collection of family recipes!!!!! Can't wait to try some of them! Thanks to Everyone. We had a good time!

New years:
Today is New years day and I don't know what the plans are...hopefully just relaxing, like we did the day before that and the day before that and the day before that......:) Brent took all of this week off and doesn't go back until the kids go back to school on monday. I went to the dr. and we all heard the baby's heart beat (150) and everything sounds good. I am 18 weeks and haven't gained a pound! Hopefully that means with this last one I won't gain much! (wishful thinking?)
I took a few pictures of the kids this morning.
Joseph insisted on doing an open mouth shot.....

then Megan did......

then Sarah did......!
If you'll notice the nice big red spot next to Sarah's eye....she fell down our steps for the first time yesterday. :( She usually does really good about going down on her bottom but every now and then she thinks she will be a big girl and walk down the stairs. Fortunately Megan was at the bottom of the stairs and caught her before she landed on the hardwood floor at the bottom, she fell from the 3rd step from the top so she fell all the way down. Her poor face was all red on the left side and then this morning she looked like she had a little black eye. I think she must have scraped her face pretty hard on the carpet, I believe the big red spot is a carpet burn :( She is fine now though!

Just a cute picture

This last picture needs a little explaining. If you have been to our house you know most of the artwork hung on the walls is the kids'. Joseph has learned how to write all our names and with another baby coming we can not come up with a name....we have a girl name but no boy name yet (ultrasound January 26th!!!) So he had been coloring one day and didn't show me what he had done. So I walked into the kitchen and noticed new art work and this was it.....he calls our unborn baby No Name. So NONAM is our baby. I thought this was pretty funny and cute.

So with the new year, many people set new goals and resolutions. This has always driven me crazy. I am not good at the whole goal thing. I like the way a friend put it in her blog of putting new focus on daily things. This is more of the way I think too. So this year....I want to become a better mother and wife, and bring a new healthy baby into our family in may or beginning of june, I want to magnify my calling in primary to be a great president and teach the gospel to the wonderful children in our ward including my own, I want to keep a healthy diet, keep a somewhat more organized house (which has gone downhill the last few months), increase my knowledge and spirit in the gospel and just be an overall better and happier person!

I wish you all a great upcoming new year!!!!