Tuesday, September 16, 2008


eating cookie dough on sunday.....sooooo yummy!

Joseph-ism -

Our cats like turkey, the kids know this, so I am getting ready for the day and the kids are playing with one of the cats, Joseph walks into my room holds up a bag of turkey

Joseph: "I want Liddy up on the bed with us" (hence the turkey being held up for me to see)

Me: "why don't you just pick him up and put him on the bed?"

Joseph's face breaks into a great big smile and look of joy and says "OH YEAH" runs out to put the turkey back in the fridge! It was really cute and I had to laugh to myself over his cute reaction to the "simple solution".

Megan -ism -
Megan: "I LOVE going to work"

Me: "You go to work?"

Megan: "Yeah, school!" with a look of duh! mom on it.

I figure this is a far assessment since she leaves home at 8:35am and doesn't get back until 4:35pm. I will be glad when she is back at her regular building.

Sarah-ism - I have just dropped off Joseph at preschool and I am talking to the head director there, Sarah is being shy-silly-goofy. Just acting funny, especially when we would look at her or talk to her.

director: "Sarah how old are you?"

Sarah: bends down and puts hands on floor so her bottom is sticking up in the air and says "spongebutt, spongebutt" mind you she says words quite clearly! We both had a good laugh, mine more from embaressment! The joy of older siblings!

I think Sarah will be our piano player, she loves it! She will actually sing the whole song but not for the camera, I will get her one of these days though!