Saturday, May 3, 2008

improving! woo-hoo!!!!

It has now been 5 weeks since I started kickboxing. I have seen many improvements. We did our half way testing today and I am proud to say things are much better than they were in the beginning. Here are my improvements:
beginning - today
1. 9 sit-ups in a minute (terrible!!!) - 28 sit-ups
2. 19 push-ups for 1 min. - 48 push-ups
3. mile run 12:42 - 12:15
4. ran the last half of the mile - ran/jogged just about all of it
5. (my favorite) things jiggled running - things didn't jiggle so much anymore!
6. got a side ache running - didn't get a side ache
7. hadn't lost inches forever - I lost 2 inches in my waist, an inch in my hips, chest
and just a little in my arms

I am very excited about all of this! things have been the same for a long time and now I am seeing results and now I have new commitment to push it these last weeks and really work hard so I see even more improvement in the end. I will right more late, right now Sarah is demanding attention!