Friday, December 3, 2010


I know everyone is one pins and needles waiting to see what my next blog post is about! ;)

10 things I believe every parent needs:

1. hugs and kisses from their spouse or child EVERY DAY

2. an extra hour in the day, or two

3. a magic snap that cleans the house in an instant. I would say maid but I don't think anyone should really have to clean up after us or anyone else. (unless you love that sort of thing)

4. a set easy menu to make our meals, and a cook for those nights when I don't really feel like cooking.

5. a good nights sleep EVERY night

6. children that listen and obey and are happy all the time :)

7. the perfect car/van/suv that fits your every need in transportation (mine would include an RV for those longer road trips, but who wants the maintenance and cost of one of those!?)

8. a seperate room for all the toys, and the toys go there on there own when they find themselves out of the room (because you know the kids won't put them back and I would just rather get rid of them then put them back!, I know I'm mean, but toys are my nemesis)

9. to NEVER, EVER get sick

10. and last, to have all the LOVE in the world for your spouse and kids and that love to be felt by all, all of the time

I know most of these aren't for real but some of them can be. I try to work on #10. If I can have my kids know I love them no matter what all the time, then I will be a successful parent and that is all I can ask.

What would you add to my list??????