Friday, July 3, 2009

Cousins come to visit!!!

My brother, Bob, and sister-in-law, Robyn and their 4 kids, Ambri, Jarem, Emmy, and Jaxon came to visit recently. We all had a great time. It was a full house but we were glad they stayed with us so we could see them more. Here are pictures, lots of pictures:

with 8 kids and 4 adults, the house got somewhat messy and sometimes a few cartoons were needed for peace and least for a few minutes.

there was lots of baby holding

and love between all

some dancing

and fighting :)

actually none of them fought, only between regular sibling squables, cousins didn't fight with each other

some good mall playing

we got lots of pics, but I think this is the only one with all of them in it cooperating at the Science Center

Daniel hanging out

Big Bubbles

Trapping Jarem

at the zoo

I love these two pictures, top and bottom, the bottom you can see just about all of us

notice Sarah taking a picture also with her nemo pretend camera

Daniel sleeping away...I love his little face!

and this was sleeping arrangements, with Sarah and Jaxon on the floor. All cousins, minus Daniel, having a sleepover!
Thanks for coming guys, we had soooo much fun and we will have great memories to last a lifetime!