Friday, February 19, 2010

What's for dinner?

That is always the question at 5:00pm. What can I make that is fairly simple.
I am no grand cook, I like things quick and easy with simple ingredients but tastes good and not have to run to the store everyday to get those ingredients. So lately I have been putting my list of groceries together (on post-it notes) then (on the next post-it note behind the grocery list), I put a list of meals we can have that has our menu for the next week to week and a half. I am starting to have a collection of post-it notes with menus on them. (Not so organized I know, but it works for me) I just need to rotate them and I'll be set. Here are some of the dinner meals I have planned:

Last nights dinner,
Penne pasta whole wheat (this is what I had, but you can use any noodles) with spaghetti sauce and meatballs, with salad. I also added chopped mushrooms and green onions to the pasta mix. The meatballs were already prepared so I cooked them in the sauce while the pasta boiled, then added them together and it was done. homemade meatballs are simple too, just get your hamburger, add parmasean cheese, egg and a few crushed cracks, mix together, shape into balls, bake in oven until cooked through 10-15 minutes

Tacos, these are always a favorite, brown the meat, cut your favorite toppings (I love the shredded lettuce already shredded!)

Pizza- I buy the premade dough from pillsbury, pizza sauce, toppings, bake and done.

Chicken in a croissant - depends on what I am in the mood for, already made chicken or chicken in a can, take two croissant dough triangles that are put together to form a retangle, spread with cream cheese, chicken, last time I put mushrooms and onions in it, you can add favorites (other cheeses, green peppers S&P,etc.) , fold both long sides to the middle, pinch together, pinch ends shut, turn seam side down and poke 3-4 holes in top, brush with egg or butter add a seasoning or parmasean cheese to the top and cook.

Chicken noodle soup - cut up carrots, celery, onions, homemade frozen noodles, same thing, either cut up chicken cooked or chicken in a can, chicken bouillon and S&P and water. Simmer everything until noodles and carrots are done. (I buy Reams frozen homemade noodles, they are yummy!)

Grilled Tuna or Egg Sandwich - tuna, mayo, S&P, minced celery, minced egg(optional), mix all together, toast bread in toaster or oven, top with tuna mix, serve with apples, oranges, berries, you get the idea.

Pita - lunch meat, tuna mix, leftover chicken, whatever I have on hand, in pita with lettuce tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese. Serve with fruits or veggies, carrots, celery, yadayadayada.

Taco soup - Water, 1-2 cups of salsa, bouillon or soup base, chicken, simmer all together and serve with tortilla chips

Chili - 2 cans chili beans, 1 can tomato sauce, cook ground turkey or hamburger (I add chili seasoning to the meat too), chili seasoning, canned tomatoes, simmer all until warmed enough, serve with chips, saltine crackers, rolls, etc.

The always and true roast and potatoes for sunday dinner too.

And I should add, that one of the nights in the middle and end of all these dinner plans, is buffet night, meaning all the leftovers from whatever I have made is set out and it is chose what you want to get rid of it all!

These are just a few examples, they may not be much, but they are quick and my kids like them for the most part. Most of them can be made pretty healthy, especially by using chicken or turkey. I also always have hot dogs and buns on hand for really quick dinners!

So there you have it, that is what is for dinner at my house. What are you having tonight?