Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Daniel's blessing day

This past sunday we blessed Daniel at church. We had my parents, my grandparent(who tagged along with my parents driving out here), Brent's parents and his aunt and uncle come for it. We were so excited to have everyone come and share in this special day, but I am kicking myself that I didn't get any pictures while they were all here with Daniel and the kids. ARRGGG (Grandma Higgins if you have pictures could you send me some?)

Anyway, Brent gave a wonderful blessing and all our prayers were answered that Daniel would not cry and whine during the blessing. He just sat there and looked around at them all apparently. Here are some pictures we did take of him after church in his outfit.
Megan's proud of herself that she can now hold him like this.

Sarah was NOT happy after church, but wanted me to take a picture of her crying.

I love his pouty face in this picture, he was Done taking pictures

Our not so little family anymore

Having family here this weekend wore the kids out. One night after my family left for back to their hotel all the kids fell asleep on the couch.

And last thursday I decided to organize our toys again, a very much needed project. Here is the MESS!!!

You can see the excitement on their faces. They were so excited and kept finding toys they had been looking for!
We lined up all the baskets and 3 (yes 3) Hours later, everything had a home. (some the garbage can or the sell pile for a garage sale next summer!)

and here is a happy picture of our terrible-2's daughter actually happy