Tuesday, September 30, 2008

along with the spider.....

came the bees! We have had LOTS of bees around our house lately. I noticed last week there were about 20 bees flying around the front of our house. This is NOT a good thing. Megan is deathly afraid of bees, she won't go out and play if she sees a bee out. Yesterday we were outside and I noticed this strange little "ball" with a bunch of holes in it in the rocks by my rose bushes. Turns out this "ball" was a beehive nest, I knew there was one somewhere but I didn't know it was right by our front door! Megan saw it and immediately started crying. When Brent got home he sprayed it with bee/wasp killer. The only difference from this picture today from yesterday is that there were wasps covering it yesterday! Not fun!!!

Here are some pictures of Joseph playing soccer as well!