Friday, September 4, 2009

Potty Training 101

Potty training is going GREAT with Sarah! She has picked up on it so quickly. I think it does help that she is the 3rd child I have potty trained but mostly because she is one Smart little stinker! These are a few things that have helped me with potty training (pt) my 3 kids:
  • first off start talking about pt with your child for WEEKS leading up to it. every time you change a diaper talk about when they are going to wear underwear and start going in the potty seat. Buy pseat way in advance
  • liken it to everyone else. Mom, Dad, brother, sister, friends, cousins we all use one
  • Visual -I don't know about everyone else and how they feel about it, but Sarah Loves going into the bathroom with me or her siblings. So she sees what is going on.
  • Don't fret about pt at night until they are pt during the day
  • with Joseph I told him every night for a month before he turned 3 that 3year olds don't wear diapers at night so the night of his 3rd bday that was it, I think we had maybe 2-3 accidents but that was it. pick a deadline and prepare them for it, after a vacay, a bday, a special event and go with it.
  • I think the perfect age is between 2 1/2-3
  • sometimes you need to take a break for a couple hours during the day. Not all day though. Sarah has problems going #2 since she was about 1, and she like most kids pt are scared to go #2. this is a great time to give them a break every now and then, encourage going in the pseat but also don't push it to much. I found with Megan she was going #1 all the time but when it came to #2 she would go and hide and most kids have a certain time of day that they are regular with 2, so with Meg I put a potty seat in her closet (that's where she always hid to go) so I showed her what to do and she started doing it all by herself, in her closet. Once she was comfortable with that I moved it into the bathroom and told her she could just go hide in there and go. Still working on this with Sarah but we will get there. Hiding helps I think though.
  • that brings me to the next point, have multiple pseats, one in the family room, bathrooms, where ever needed.
  • sometimes the BIG toilet can be intimidating, I recommend starting with a little one then going to one that you can take on and off the big one, then when they are comfortable enough just using the BIG one by itself.
  • sorry pull-ups but you are of no use to me when pt. I have found that you hinder rather than help so I go straight with underwear to wear all day long and a diaper at night, May sound a bit crazy but I even keep them in underwear when running errands and nap times. We have had accidents but a change of clothes and a little encouragement to tell you next time helps. I have bought a pkg of pull-ups and I think we have used 1 this week in the pt process on the 1st day so she wouldn't have an accident while I was upstairs getting ready for the day, but she pulled it down and went like she was supposed to, so with Sarah I am not using them. Maybe for traveling this weekend but they can be soooo expensive compared to diapers.
  • I know it seems like a pain but at first take them to the bathroom every 30-60 minutes the first few days and make "do you need to go potty" your everyother sentence.
  • reward and treats. Stickers are great, she gets one for going 1 and 2 for going#2. Also a treat every now and then helps. a sucker, ice cream for breakfast :), a hershey kiss and LOTS and lots of hugs, kisses, smiles and words of praise and excitement from everyone, even siblings! Sarah gets a new dvd once she is going 1 and 2 all the time and is trying pretty hard to earn it
  • try to stay close to home or make outings short the first week and just let them wear a shirt and undies
  • let them take charge. Sarah loves doing it herself, being independent is so rewarding for a 2 year old.
  • every kid is different, find what works for yours and run with it
  • i know it can ba discouraging but keep with it, diligence and consistency are everything!

I am no Michelle Duggar who has pt a dozen kids, but I like to think I have experience and when my 3 kids have all been pt in 2 weeks I think I am doing something right. I hope some of this helps others if not it will be helping me in about 2 years for Daniel!

These are just some fin pics of the kids we took last night.

Can we say "I am growing!"