Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I have lived in Iowa now for almost 10 years. Can you believe it!?!? Over these ten years I have had many callings in church. Ward missionary, baptismal clothing coordinator, enrichment committee, enrichment leader, nursery worker, 1st counselor in Relief Society, Primary secretary, and 1st counselor in Primary.
I believe all callings help you in your next calling. When I moved here I was just out of Young Womens and had never been to Relief Society, so it was good to be a ward missionary. I was able to get to know investigators and get to know the people in the ward.
Enrichment gave me responsibility. Nursery gave me a glimpse of chaos! (only having Megan by then) Relief Society counselor, I more fully interacted with the women in our ward.
Then 5 years ago I was put in Primary. I had always said "Don't put me in primary, I wouldn't know what to do." Learning from Karin opened my eyes that primary was fun and the kids were so darn cute! I didn't have to teach very often, which was just fine with me. I am one of those millions out there that hate to get up in front of a crowd. Then working with Toni as 1st couns., I got even more involved with teaching the kids and getting to know them more. Teaching once or twice a month and working with teachers has really been fun.
Now is the time of year when our ward gets a whole bunch of people that move in and move out. Unfortunately, our beloved Bishop is one that is moving. :( So naturally with many changes coming I have felt something was going to change for me, too. The Bishop called me on a thursday morning and asked to come by and speak with us that night. My suspicions were right, he extended a calling. Primary President.
I have to be honest, I was very excited. I was nervous about being out of primary since I have been in so long, but I was ready for anything. I really love the children in our ward and I really have gotten use to getting up and teaching, still nervous every now and then, mostly when I look at the teachers! Sometimes I feel stressed but mostly I feel very blessed and almost a little guilty about being given this wonderful opportunity to remain in such a fulfilling calling.

So I have to say, looking back on all the callings I have had, I truly feel they have all helped me get to a point where Heavenly Father trusts me to be a leader to help teach these children the gospel and be a support to teachers. I have a very wonderful presidency alongside me that I believe with all of us working together we can do wonderful things.
Many more callings are yet to come, but for now....I am happily blessed! :)