Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nails and bed time

I painted my toe nails sunday....I won't tell you the weird positions I had to bend in to reach my toe nails. Quite uncomfortable. My belly is getting big and in the way.
I have never painted Sarah's nails and I haven't painted Megan's or mine for years, so Sarah thought that was pretty neat. The kids were in the bath tub when I painted them so she immediately wanted out to have hers painted.
She has really enjoyed having painted finger nails and toe nails. :) She walked around for the first hour with her hands out and not using them often like they were still wet...it was pretty cute.

Another first for Sarah....she started sleeping in her new bedroom! This last week has been a little bit of a nightmare at bed time with her. I knew it probably would be. We have had our little bedtime routine since she was an infant so adjusting to something new....... well you can imagine.
With Megan and Joseph now in bunk beds in Joseph's room, now Megan and Joseph's room, that left Megan's old room, soon to be Sarah's new room. We have been talking to Sarah about this, that it was now her room. So this last week Sarah has also been taking late naps...which means she wants to go to bed late, around 11:00. Plus we have been back and forth between her new room and the crib. She would get all excited to sleep in her new bed and then when she was finally tired enough she would get mad and hit me and cry and throw a fit. So eventually I would take her back to the crib.
One night of this I laid her on the crib put her blankets on and she says "Oh, I am soooo happy" and was asleep in 2 minutes. So cute but so frustrating.

So a couple nights ago she laid in the crib for a LONG time and wouldn't go to sleep, she finally sat up and said to me "I want to go sleep in my room"

(with all 3 kids I have always sat in their rooms until they were asleep when they are little and then when the next baby was born I would continue for awhile but conviently have to go do something else and they would go to sleep by themselves, it has always given me some special quiet one on one time with all of them from about age 1 to 2 1/2)

Back to the story, skeptical me I didn't believe her. So I ignored her first few requests to sleep in her room. She wouldn't give up though. I finally told her she HAD to sleep, no playing if she wanted to sleep in there. She said okay.
So we went in her room and she laid down. Pretended to feed me food and herself food for a while and finally turned over, curled up with her blankeys and went to sleep!!!
I couldn't believe it. I think I half slept that night waiting for her to wake screaming in the middle of the night in a weird room. She didn't and she slept until about 9:00am. :) (I think recent hotel stays helped)

So last night I didn't even give her a choice of where to sleep I just put her on her new bed. We read books and I told a few stories and she was asleep a lot faster than the other nights.
I actually got to bed before 10:30. Which is at least an hour earlier than most nights this last week. (makes a bit of a grouchy mommy when little sleep is to be had)
She did wake screaming this morning at 6:30 but I laid with her and she slept again until 8:30.

So now I need to move all Sarah's clothes to her room and start going through all of our infant boy clothes and put them in the nursery and get the crib back ready for a new born. Lots of work. I figure I have about 8 weeks to get it done. Sounds like enough time but will it be.....?

Stay tuned for Joseph's birthday party fun coming up on thursday!