Friday, December 19, 2008

what do you want for christmas?

Here is the winning photo for our christmas cards. It was a little more cropped than this, but we thought it was a good picture of them all. It is a little funny though, the last 3 years Megan has had Sarah on her lap for each christmas card.

We went to see Santa at the mall and ride the train. The kids were pretty excited. Especially for the train! Sarah went right up to it with Megan, climbed in and sat down. Fun!

Megan telling Santa what she wants and Joseph thinking about it

Posing with Santa!

Sarah didn't want to sit with Santa and just watch so Daddy held her a safe distance away!

What I want for christmas...a new videa camera and to not feel morning sick ever again. snow and warm temptures! (and maybe a new car)(not happening)
Megan....a real life dog (not a real one) that is really cute, webkinz, and a sled wheels cars, sled, race track, scooter and everything else he saw on tv commercials that is for boys! items (she likes to cook) a new elmo, and a cake! (?)