Friday, April 3, 2009

Birthday FUN!

Joseph turned 5 yesterday! What a fun 5 years it has been. He was 8lb 5oz when he was born and he started growing and growing and won't stop! He is a joy in our family, he has a great sense of humor. He can have a quick temper but at the same time is quick to give me and his little sister hugs. He Loves playing with his big sister and loves playing ball and boxing with his dad. He is a smart boy and learns quickly, thanks to big sis he sounds out words now. We are so blessed and happy to have him as our "not so little" boy anymore!

Joseph is the bottom right picture (click on the pictures to enlarge and see them better)

Last night at his birthday party my memory card was full so I put in a different card and it had pictures of Joseph in it when he was a baby!

He is about 6 months in this picture.

At my brothers wedding a couple years ago, showing us he is 3.

He has always loved making funny faces, especially with his sister. And he taught little sister some good faces to make also!

Another one from when he was a baby, about 6 months and Megan was about 3 and Brent hasn't aged a day!

The much awaited birthday party at Rainbow Play Systems. It was Awesome. The kids played we had pizza, opened presents, played some more, had cake, played some more and then it was over to quickly, according to the kids.
We will definitely be back there some day, not to buy one (hello EXPENSIVE) but for their open play time mon-sat. 10-8. So FUN!

Blowing out the candles. I think Sarah was trying to help. (when she gets hurt or upset we tell her to take a big breath to calm down, so she was all ready to help with her big breath!) He really wanted cake and brownies. There was no way I was making both so I made Texas sheet cake, a good mix of cake but more to the size of brownies. He also really wanted caramel on it so we did little squiggly lines on the frosting. (THANKS Sandy for giving me the recipe, it was soooo delicious and Joseph Loved it!)

The whole party gang eating pizza and making funny faces.

I wish we had a tire swing! So much fun!