Wednesday, June 4, 2008


My kids have all been singers. Megan and Sarah especially. They love the Cars movie soundtrack and for christmas Megan got a karaoke player and just recently we found the cd for the Cars movie, so this is the kids singing and dancing to it. I wish you could hear Sarah more but she knows this song well and will actually sing along to it! So cute!

Megan and her wonderful teacher at the end of her kindergarten year! Thank you for being a wonderful teacher!!!

Sarah finally doing "kissy lips".

Sarah taking a little nap.

Joseph having fun swinging.

Pictures from lately

We set up our tent recently in our backyard, Brent, Megan and Joseph were going to sleep in it. Joseph was to scared by the time night came, but Megan was fine, and don't ask Brent about how he slept. (or I should say didn't sleep!) I still had to get up early so I didn't sleep out there and there was no way Sarah was sleeping out there. So this is Sarah and Joseph after they discovered the little vent whole at the bottom. We just got our tent at Christmas so this is the first time being used!

Megan, Sarah and Joseph in the tent. Sarah does "kissy lips", she wouldn't do it for this one but Megan and Joseph did.

A little dark, but this is after a baseball game last week.