Tuesday, October 28, 2008

this and that

By now most know....We are expecting baby #4 in late May. I haven't come right out and said it so there it is. We are excited but I will be more so when the morning sickness wears off. I told Brent I would rather go through child birth 2 times than feel like this for 10 weeks! This will be our last and I have nooooooooo problem saying that!

Just a few this and that things the kids have been up to......

Joseph: whenever he is watching a cartoon and commercials come on and he sees any toy that has to do with boys, he says over and over "I want that, I want that" it was amusing at first but not so much now. I will even be upstairs and can hear him saying that when no one is around.

Sarah: You ask her what she is doing, for example you see her coloring, she responds back "Just coloring" "Just eating" as natural as can be.
I also tell Sarah if she wants something she needs to be happy and not cry about it or whine. Like on sunday, she did not want to go to nursery, she starts crying then remembers she needs to be happy if she wants something so she pats her chest and says "Be Happy, go home!"

Megan: She is very excited for halloween, so she wants to wear all black and orange, so my job before then she informed me is to make sure she has everything black and orange to wear friday. Socks, shirt, pants, underclothes, hair bows, the works.....we'll see. She is also becoming such a great reader and according to her knows more than some adults! :)

On another note, we had our primary program this sunday and I just have to say that I am soooooo proud of the kids in my primary!!! They did a wonderful job and it couldn't have been better. Way to go Primary kids!!!!
I am especially proud of Joseph for memorizing his part and actually getting up and saying it (it helped that we bribed him with a gold coin!) and of Megan for singing her solo part so beautifully! I was all smiles sunday! FAntastic!