Tuesday, August 17, 2010

thoughts lately

These are just a few thoughts that are running through my mind lately:

trying to make 4:30am my friend for the next year and how to do that...any ideas on how to accomplish this?? (Some days I almost convince myself to get dressed for class then "accidently" fall asleep on the couch before I go and miss class....I haven't though)

What will happen with our church callings in the next couple weeks/month?

How do I keep Daniel from climbing on the back of the couch and falling off everyday? that is his Favorite thing to do, but he doesn't get that he will fall off and get hurt....

Am I or my kids really ready for summer to end and the school year to start next week?????

How can I clean out my house without it taking Hours upon hours upon hours?? organizing company???

should I order some new good books or read the Twilight series? (no, I have not read them yet, but have had them for almost 2 years)

Why can't I lose more weight each week? I know 1-2lbs is healthy and great but really!.... why can't I lose 5 in 1 week for once and be like those on biggest loser?

How can I impove my attitude?

What can I do to better my patience and teaching skills?

What time is bed time and how early can I get my kids into bed???

Does anyone really read this thing and is it boring?

Will it ever stop raining?

Have I really been married almost 12 years? where does the time go?

(I will have to capture Daniel climbing on the back of the couch so you can see how cool he thinks he is when he gets up there...so frustrating but soooo cute!)