Wednesday, December 1, 2010

31 days....

Of trying to Blog everyday for an entire month
(trying being the operative word.)

I have seen lots of friends try this and thought I would give it a try, so here goes.

Yesterday I pulled up all the Christmas ornaments and the Christmas tree. We put the Christmas tree up last night and decorated it. I would have taken a picture but the living room is still a mess with all the totes. I didn't feel like decorating the rest of the house just yet. Hopefully today....
I hung up Christas lights on our house for the first time ever just before Christmas. It took me about an hour and I do have to say I am a little bit excited about it. (that I was able to hang them and for the fun they are to have up)

The kids, of course, had a blast decorating the tree plus helping me put it together. At one point in the assembling process I asked the kids "Would you rather go out in the cold and pick out a real tree or put this thing together" The answer was a Quick "put this one together! It is WAY to cold outside!" I would have to agree.

I also pulled up a tote from the basement with clothes that Megan used to wear when she was around Sarah's age, so Sarah has a whole new wardrobe now. She was pretty excited and I was excited not to have to go shopping! I am NOT a shopper, especially for clothes. It was fun to relive some of the fun memories of when Megan wore some of the outfits. I can't believe my oldest is 9 now. Megan remembered some of the outfits too. Like wearing a green sequined skirt with matching shirt, that she wore to a Ward talent show and she sang a couple of solo songs or another skirt she put on one morning before I was awake because she wanted to be dressed and ready to go to Pump It Up. Now it will be Sarah's turn to create more loving, fun memories!
A picture of Megan at 5, Joseph at 2 1/2, and Sarah a couple months old.