Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We have bunkbeds!!! We ordered them a couple weeks ago and were expecting them at the end of March, after spring break. They came in early and were delivered and set up yesterday! The kids were sooooooo excited. You can see the excitement on Megan's face, Joseph is making a silly face and Sarah is absent in these first few because she was still sleeping.

Climbing up the ladder. The ceiling is not far from the top and the fan and light are a little in the way. Hopefully they will watch out....

Sarah had to watch at the door just about the whole time they put it together. Then she would lay on it, even before the sheets were on and say "night...I need a kiss" I would give her a kiss and she would pretend to sleep. Even though Megan and Joseph are the ones sleeping on it, she loves them just as much.
We just bought new bedspreads today for them and this is the finished product! We also have a new 6 drawer dresser that matches the beds. The great thing about these beds too, they are full over full and when we want we can seperate them and use them as regular full beds!