Wednesday, August 20, 2008


These are just a few of the "happenings" going on with us.

Megan, Joseph, and Sarah wanted to "eat out" so this is their "restaurant" table. Complete with Iowa corn, cottage cheese and turkey, their favorite!

This is at the Iowa State Fair. The kids really wanted to go, it was a perfect day, and we had to indulge them with their favorites, cotton candy and a snow cone. (See picture down lower to see how Big the cotton candy was!)

This was at the Little Hands on the Farm, Sarah all dressed up for it with her basket full of produce!

All 3 of them with full baskets! They had a lot of fun.

We all know if you go to a State Fair you have to get some goodies, so we got some yummy ice cream. This is Sarah, she loved the ice cream so much she stole mine, and was giving them "hugs"!

Joseph on a ride!

This is how big the cotton candy was before she ate it.


Megan on a ride. (I think she was a bit to tall for it)

This is Shawn Johnson and the American flag, all made out of butter!

This is Megan on her first day of 1st grade, very exciting!

Megan's school is being renovated this year, and due to parking and the temporary school being small, they have encouraged ALL kids to ride the bus, so this is Megan's first year of riding a bus to school (and probably last) So she is all ready with bus pass in hand, she climbed on the bus and didn't look back! I don't know whether to be happy she was so confident or sad that she didn't seem more sad to be leaving us!

This is a little video of Sarah, she is a talker, like Megan and Joseph were. These are some of her favorite sayings. She also says my brother and his wifes name, she wouldn't say them for them when we were in Utah this summer and I told them I would get it on video, to prove she can say it. (she does say it more clearly in person though) So this is for you Kristine! Enjoy!