Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween & 29

The kids had a Halloween parade the day before Halloween and parties at school. They had lots of fun and we were able to go see it and went to both class rooms. That same night they went trick or treating in the COLD weather. The came back with only half full pumpkins but that was just fine. The next day, Halloween, we also went to the ward party where they got lots more.

Joseph in his school parade, He was a great Alien. As he was walking down the school halls he was reaching over and trying to scare the kids going the other way. What a boy!

Our cat, our princess, our cow, and our alien.

Megan with one of her best friends Alana.

Princess and our cow

"What's going on?!"

Eating cookies in Josephs classroom. Sarah wishes she was in kindergarten too.

just a cute picture of our bald bumbo boy! I took him yesterday and had his head shaved, now he just has a whole bunch of fuzz and looks soooo cute.

Sarah has taken to this being a princess quite well. She will even bow to us and she talks like a princess and is soooo adorable.

on another note, I turned 29 on Halloween, not much different yet, but WOW where has time gone that I am only a year away from 30. It seems like it wasn't that long ago I was 17 and getting married and starting a family!

I was looking at a wedding photo the other day and was thinking that I looked younger, just another reminder that I am. Weird!