Friday, January 9, 2009


Yesterday was uneventful but still interesting:

Sarah wanted held most of the day, while I did laundry, vacuumed, did the dishes, just sitting there playing the Wii with Joseph.......I don't know why.... she was just clingy.

Megan was putting her coat on getting ready for school, Joseph had taken a toy from Sarah and she wanted it back, Sarah said "GIVE IT BACK......1.....2.....3.....4....5....." and continued to count to 10. I think she has listened to me to many times count to the dreaded useless 3 when I want the kids to do something. Megan and I got a good laugh about this before she went to school.

Joseph has a new favorite game to play on the Wii, the only problem is is that I have to play it. He can't figure out how to use the remote like a steering wheel. But he loves watching it.

Megan got home from school and seemed to be in a sour mood. She was getting upset over many things. It doesn't help when Joseph just wants to push her buttons and annoy her. She also has 2 loose teeth that are ready to come out, but gets scared everytime we talk about them coming out. She doesn't remember any of her other 7 teeth hurting when they came out but for some reason thinks these next two will hurt! What do I do? (don't mention the dentist pulling them or there will be tears) She thought she chipped a tooth a few days ago and got soooo upset because she thought we would have to take her to the dentist.

In the morning I took a shower, dressed, bathed Joseph and Sarah and let them play in the tub while I did my makeup all within about 30 minutes. They always like to play and this is always a perfect time to do makeup for me, while they are occupied. Well, I think I am getting a LIttle bit anemic with this pregnancy....I almost passed out putting my makeup on. I was then weak for about the next 2 hours. I haven't been takingy prenatel pills because I think the contributed to the morning sickness. So after just about passing out I took one and then another at bedtime. Hopefully they won't make me sick and I won't really pass out.

Sarah had a hersheys kiss and got chocolate on her hands so she wiped them on her blankeys. Since I was doing laundry she wanted them washed, they needed washed so I didn't have a problem with this but wondered if she would. So when it was time to change the laundry, she wanted her blankets in too. (since she had to be with me constantly yesterday) So I let her put her blankeys in the wash, they were the first things in the wash and once she watched them go into the water, she regretted her decision and then wanted them back out. It was a little to late......So for the next 2 hours she was asking for blankeys. Brent finally took them out of the dryer, with her being carried along, and she was much happier. Next time I will wash them discreetly......

So pretty uneventful but I still felt like yestday was plenty eventful.......How was your day?