Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Monster in Me

I must admit there is a monster in me. Sometimes I don't have the patience to deal with whiny, crying children, or 2 year olds who won't sleep at 3:00 in the morning, or kids who won't cooperate and get coats or jackets on (because it is still cold outside GGrrrrrr), or just plain anything because my tummys getting big and it is getting harder to breath and is quite uncomfortable, and I feel my house is an unorganized mess. (it would be better if it was an organized mess, but I feel it isn't)

So the monster in me comes all of these situations I have let out a low sounding throaty growl and this warns the kids (or myself) that the monster is ready to come out. So they better hurry up and obey or go to sleep or that I better do something about the mess.

Kids have quickly obeyed. From getting coats and shoes on to helping clean up toys, to a 2 year old who will stop whining and crying in the middle of the night and curl up next to me (scared) and finally go to sleep. When all else fails, Is this mean?

I do admit though and Megan told me this last night, that I don't get mad or angry and yell very often anymore. Brent also commented on how nicely I handled Sarah when we were on vacation and she was up and crying from 1:00am to 4:00am, and the trains were waking us every hour, the monster in me definitely growled a few times and that is how she finally fell asleep, scared in my arms, at that moment I was grateful for the monster. (I was bad at the beginning of this pregnancy, I think I didn't have a patience then) I think the answer is because this little monster in me warns us all that things could get ugly if situations don't change quickly.

So for now I am willing to keep the monster in me and hope she doesn't come out to often and that a certain little 2 year old will continue to be a little afraid of her coming all the way out......