Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nerds, 5year olds, and Christmas trees

Megan and Joseph thought it would be funny to try and be nerds...what do you think, 
do they make good nerds??

 This girl''s hair is out of control, she is growing out her bangs and her hair is past the middle of her back.

 Christmas tree all up and decorated.  Kids did a great job.  Now if only the puppy and the cats would leave it alone.  I put branches back on it and lights back up every day!
 Tree with the Tree pose.
 Up close.

 Can't believe my baby girl is 5!  She is adorable and we LOVE her tons!

 These two are good little buddies :)

 Sad little pup with a muzzle on.  Someday Daisy, someday (when you stop trying to bite my hand off when I try to pet you)  You will not have to wear that stinky thing.

Anyone have a shock collar they would like to let us buy or borrow????

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Parent/Teacher Conferences

 We recently had Parent/Teacher Conferences with the kids' teachers.  
Megan is right on track or above.  She gave herself a self assessment and she said she was "shy, quiet, smart, and funny, her favorite subject was spelling and reading, and least favorite was math"  which is exactly what her teacher had to say.
Joseph was able to show us around his classroom and show us his school work.  He is reading at a high level, right on track with math and a good cooperative student.  
Sarah is her fun little self, has lots of comments and one smart little girl.  Knows her letters, upper and lower case and even most of the sounds of them and can identify numbers 1-100.  
None of these conferences surprised us..... we know we have smart kids ;)  They all seem to have a natural sense for learning and like "they" say, "kids are like sponges and just absorb what they learn"  
Don't want to leave out Daniel, so I will give you an update on him, he is climbing on everything he can.  Found him on the counter, ready to climb onto the microwave, this morning.  He likes for us to "watch me" constantly in everything he does.  "mom, MOM, watch ME!"  He is really starting to talk a lot and we can actually understand him.  He LOVES to play with his siblings and adores them.  He has also come to know when he gets in trouble and will hang his head down and say "you mad at me"  with a big frown.  It is pretty funny and hard to be upset with him after he acts like that.  
We are so proud of all of them and all they have learned and done this school year, and I feel so blessed to be able to see them learn and grow and be their mother. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Beautiful Family

A wonderful friend took our family photos recently. She did a great job. We have had pictures taken of all 4 kids before, but never a more professional picture of the 4 kids + Brent and I. I can't wait to replace the outdated pictures above our fireplace with some of these. Although doing that just reminds me and shows me how quickly my kids are growing up.

I LOVE this picture of the 4 of them. My pride and JOYS!!

I think this is my favorite family one.

This is just a random picture I took the other day when they were all on the counter, trying to get away from the puppy. They were all so happy and having fun together. I hope these are the times they remember :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween costumes

"Don't let her cuteness fool you." Tonight she has been a nightmare...especially after kids don't now how to keep Halloween candy up off the floor...

She has learned how to shake though (then she will bite you)
Joseph dropped his pumpkin and it split in half, so after the tears had dried, we duct taped it together to make it a mummy jack-o-lantern.
Our Ward Halloween Chili Cook-off and Trunk or Treat was last night, here the kids are all ready in their costumes. It was a fun night.

This one was from Meg and Joseph's school Halloween parties
Brent dressed up for Halloween this year too :) (not so sure the Stake Pres. should see these pictures ;)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hello Pumpkin

We took the kids for FHE to pick out their pumpkins, here is what they picked out:

They were excited. I, for one, have a lot of carving to do before Halloween. The kids, in the past, think it is eewww to pull the guts out of them, so we will see who will help me this year.

Monday, October 24, 2011

I hope you like pictures :)

I don't think I will ever take a month off again.....
So here we go, catch up time.....
I started with around June and they go till the present.....

Daniel doesn't look so excited but he enjoyed the parade for the 4th of July

This past summer we had many fashion shows at our house, here is Sarah modeling some

If you didn't know, you know now...Brent was called as Bishop of our ward the last week in June, here he is in all his handsomeness for the very first full Sunday as Bishop Bean :)

In 1 1/2years we had 3 cats pass away, so what do you do when you have an animal die...??? get a new is Mischief, our kitten, he liked to sleep in the pantry on all our empty grocery bags. (we do miss our other cats though who aren't with us now, they were great cats)
Our other kitten, Tigger, sleeping with the new kitty
Megan and Tigger are great buddies :)

The kids also had fun this summer running in the sprinklers a few times.
The kittens..not so much :) hahaha

Megan's first day of 4th grade
Joseph's first day of 2nd grade
They look more excited in this picture than they were to go to school again after summer break.

He really was this happy to be home though after school
And Daniel was sooooo excited to see his big sis!

Then, as if 4 kids and 3 cats weren't enough, we got a puppy!!
Daisy's first day home. She is adorable, which is a good thing because at 13 weeks old now, she isn't so fun...

The kids could actually pet her when she was this little, but now they only pet her if they want to get bit.

Isn't she adorable!!!

We set up our tent in the back yard, I am afraid this is as close to camping as we get.

Oh, and did I mention Joseph got glasses?! Isn't he handsome?!
And Sarah is a beauty!
Brent holding the pup.

Sarah's first day of preschool! I love her attitude :)

Brent singing Karaoke at a ward party...that was fun!
striking a pose, watch out for him!
She's so sweet
Can we say loonngg bangs...growing them out, she is..
Grapes are yummy!
I love this picture
Daisy's halloween costume

Megan turned 10!!! (How did I get old enough to have a 10 year old??!?)
Megan's bff's minus one who left early
I laugh every time I see this photo
Our sweet, adorable, beautiful, funny, smart, caring Megan :) love her!
Pumpkin patch time!
Chillin' on the bench
Super Slide

Jumpin' in to the corn pool! These are my fave

LOVE this one

"I'm 10!"
Buried in corn

The End for now, up next'll have to come back to find out :) hehehe (so will I!)