Thursday, February 12, 2009


The kids have been able to see little movements on my belly from the baby kicking.

We have a name chosen for our baby....Daniel Jacob. We are not positive but we will see when he gets here. Funny thing about the name, I was looking on and pulled up Daniel, it has been in the top 30 names on babycenter for the last 5 years, and top 8 in the U.S. Sibling names that other people have chosen that also chose Daniel, Sarah, Elizabeth (Sarah's middle name), Joseph, Michael(Joseph's middle name), David, Matthew (the other 2 names we were considering). Hmmmmm..

Sarah's new comment to us,
mom says: "No, we can't read any more books."
Sarah: "why not?"
mom: "because it is time for bed, lights out, no more reading"

Megan has joined Girl Scouts and Loved her 1st time going. It is 2 times a month and she is soooo excited about it all.

We had some beautiful weather this past weekend. It was so nice to go out without jackets on and not be bundled up. Joseph said it was almost like summer, I told him it could snow tomorrow, he looked at me like I was crazy. It is true though you never know with Iowa weather. Now it looks like we might get hit with snow again tomorrow.

A nice bright reddish orange crayon somehow managed to wiggle its way into our we have a load of tan clothes with orange all over them. It will come out eventually right?