Monday, June 30, 2008


I don't usually think of our vacations as relaxing but I don't think of our trips as to hectic. So I classified our last one as both. A vaca-trip. Here are a few pictures. I will write more about it later. Enjoy!

pictures from vaca-trip

So we are heading into "bear country" and the kids are scared. We are driving and they are searching every where to see if they can spot a bear. So after about 30-40 minutes of trying to calm their fears, I finally say "the chances of us seeing a bear is very small." In other words, we won't see a bear. We drive all through yellowstone and see about 5 buffalo, a few deer and some pretty birds. woo-hoo. We head out of yellowstone and hit tons of cars on the side of the road we think more buffalo. To our surprise, there were 3 bears! So we got out and got a closer look after we assured the kids they were going to be okay. You might have to click on it and look more closely.

This is a lot of what we saw in yellowstone. Kind of sad.

My sister had baby kittys! They were soooo cute.

My dad is a kid at heart and actually has a cotton candy machine! So this is Megan in heaven with a huge ball of cotton candy!

All the grandkids enjoying cotton candy.

pictures from vaca-trip

Having fun in the hotel room!

I love this picture. Do you think I consider myself an Iowan!?

All of us in front in front of Mt. Rushmore.
It was bright as you can see Joseph covering his eyes.

Old Faithful in Yellowstone going off.

This is all Sarah wanted to do when we pulled out the stroller, so we stopped pulling it out!