Monday, August 18, 2008

Exciting News!

Back in June I had a post about a Holiday Inn ripping us off, charging us for a 2 night stay when we would never be there and I canceled a week in advance. I was very upset about this. $227 was not change and Holiday Inn would not taken it off our card, wouldn't charge us just a fee for canceling or use it towards another hotel somewhere else. So I called our credit card and told them about it, they sent out dispute papers and I filled them out, sent them back in and the waiting started. Would the dispute end in our favor or theirs?

Well, last night I was checking our voice mail and there was a message from our credit card company saying we WON!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't tell you the relief and excitement from listening to that! I had to play it again I was sooooo excited. Megan kept asking why is that exciting?

We still will probably try and stay away from Holiday Inns and I will be soooo careful in how I reserve a room at all hotels, but now I can rest easy knowing we (or my brother-in-law) won't be paying for a room we never stayed in!