Tuesday, August 4, 2009

2 months

Daniel is 2 months old and just had his 2 month check up. Crazy that he is already 2 months. Sarah was telling people he was 20, now she says he is 0.
He was 13lbs even (79%), 24.5 inches long (93%), and he sounded and looked healthy they said. Him being my 4th and him acting and growing much like the other 3 makes things a little easier on me. Daniel is such a delight and we enjoy trying to get him to smile and hopefully laugh soon. He gets pretty excited sometimes and lets out little noises that could almost be considered a laugh.

We had family home evening the other night on prayer so the kids made prayer rocks. They were pretty excited to decorate their rocks.

although you can't tell by Joseph's expression here
but Sarah's expressions shows how excited she was!
On a sad note, my brother and sister-in-law lost their twin boys this past week, Kyson Gary and Timothy Trevor. She was about 19 weeks,4 months. We are sad we won't be able to see them grow up in this earth life but are so grateful that we know of our Heavenly Father's plan of eternal families and that someday they can be reunited with them. My heart goes out to them and we wish we were closer to be more support for them but I know they are surrounded by those who love them and we love them too!