Saturday, February 21, 2009

Goodbye Holes!

Friday Megan had off school. We had a fun day. We went to Pump It Up pop in and play time in the morning, then got pizza (thanks to a coupon for a free personal pan pizza), Joseph went to preschool at 12:30 and I took Megan shopping. She (and Joseph too) desperately needed new pants. Not that her pants were to short but because they all had holes in them.

But this is not all though, they wore out, got holes in them, I patched them (why buy new pants when you can patch, they were still plenty long enough), so now the patched pants had holes in them. I am ashamed to say some of them had 2 patches on them. :( My poor daughter looked like we couldn't afford to buy her new pants when that is not the case at all. I was just being to lazy and cheap to go buy her some.

So friday I took her to buy new pants, since I wanted her to actually try pants on to see if we needed size 7 or 8. Since she is tall I am glad she tried them on, the 7s were barely to the bottom of her heels. We left the store with 4 pairs of new pants and a new robe, can't beat a $34 dollar robe w/ hearts all over it for $7 bucks on sale!

So now if you see her she will actually have pants on with no holes!!! (same as Joseph, but he actually had pants with no holes, Megan didn't)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ill, valentines, birthday, ill, better

Last thursday Joseph woke with a goopey eye, by that night it was all red and goopey, by Friday morning both eyes were goopey, red and looked bad, so off we went to the Dr. by 9:50am.
After the Dr. listened to Woody's heart (from Toy Story, Sarah brings him just about everywhere with us) the Dr. comfirmed "yep it's pink eye". Off to the pharmacy at 10:20am, it started the snow flurries by this time and home by 10:40am. Started Joseph on his 10 day medicine, ordered ice cream cake for Brent's birthday on sunday, and we played.

By 2:30 I had a call from Dairy Queen asking if I was coming soon to pick up the cake, roads were getting bad. Off we went to DQ for the cake and home again by 3:15. Brent arrived home shortly after to finish the days work from home. Started waiting for Megan to return home around 4:00, but with all the snow it was closer to 6:00 by the time she got home. We watched the bus get stuck coming up our street, it backed down the street and had to come up the other side of our house.

Saturday Valentines Day! The kids thought it was the Best Valentines Ever. With getting Valentines from mom and dad, getting to buy a new toy, getting McD's for lunch, and playing all day long, What could be better!?

Sunday, I woke around 2:00am and felt weird. My back hurt and my stomach felt weird. So for the next 2 hours I tossed and turned and couldn't really sleep. I went downstairs to try and sleep on the couch around 3:30am. Finally slept until around 6:00am, woke up and thought I am going to be sick, ran to the bathroom. Yuck. So for the rest of the day, Brent's birthday, I spent my hours on the couch (and in the bathroom throwing up), watching kids play. Brent had to speak in a different ward, so he went to their sacrament and came home and took care of me and the kiddos. He was such a great help to just let me lay there and get better. By 6:00pm I was feeling better and was able to eat some, we sang to Brent and had birthday cake, gave the kids baths and it was off to bed by 10:00.

Looking back, Brent was sick on his birthday the last 2 years, I guess it was my turn this year. Happy Birthday Brent!!! I hope it was a good one, WE LOVE YOU!

Now we are all better, except little runny noses here and there, but who doesn't have one of those or isn't sick this time of year!? (these are old pictures, sort of, taken in Jan., I need to take some new ones, the camera has been hibernating lately)

Thursday, February 12, 2009


The kids have been able to see little movements on my belly from the baby kicking.

We have a name chosen for our baby....Daniel Jacob. We are not positive but we will see when he gets here. Funny thing about the name, I was looking on and pulled up Daniel, it has been in the top 30 names on babycenter for the last 5 years, and top 8 in the U.S. Sibling names that other people have chosen that also chose Daniel, Sarah, Elizabeth (Sarah's middle name), Joseph, Michael(Joseph's middle name), David, Matthew (the other 2 names we were considering). Hmmmmm..

Sarah's new comment to us,
mom says: "No, we can't read any more books."
Sarah: "why not?"
mom: "because it is time for bed, lights out, no more reading"

Megan has joined Girl Scouts and Loved her 1st time going. It is 2 times a month and she is soooo excited about it all.

We had some beautiful weather this past weekend. It was so nice to go out without jackets on and not be bundled up. Joseph said it was almost like summer, I told him it could snow tomorrow, he looked at me like I was crazy. It is true though you never know with Iowa weather. Now it looks like we might get hit with snow again tomorrow.

A nice bright reddish orange crayon somehow managed to wiggle its way into our we have a load of tan clothes with orange all over them. It will come out eventually right?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I finally got around to scanning a few ultrasound pictures of our baby boy. The kids I think are glad we know what their new sibling will be, even though we haven't decided on a name yet. We call him baby boy, he even has his own Mii on the Wii! 3 of the pictures are 3D(4D)? So you can see him pretty good and the other is just the regular ultrasound look. He kept putting his hands up by his face so we have a couple more with his hands completely covering his face, but she was able to get some where we could see him. But I think the hands up are so cute. We can't wait to meet the little guy in May!