Thursday, June 25, 2009


these are highlights of the last 3 weeks:

-Joseph told me "You haven't been this skinny for a loooong time!"

-Sarah announced to a hallway full of people that "This is my brother Daniel. He came out of mommy's butt!"

-My parents came to visit and the kids really enjoyed it. Didn't get any pictures. I am a slacker.

-Sleep deprivation is my middle name, but somehow I manage to cope during the days and nights.

-I have healed more quickly than all the other 3 deliveries.

-Sarah doesn't like to keep clothes on and is definitely in the TERRIBLE 2's.

-Megan can't get enough of Daniel and how "cute he is"....I would have to agree.

-Friends and neighbors have been so kind and helpful...thank you everyone!

-One of the days, I was able to shower and give all 4 kids a bath by 10:30am. It was a great accomplishment but boy was I tired by noon!

-Sarah thinks I wear diapers now too, can't wait until that stops.

-Joseph is going to Safety Town to prepare for kindergarten and having lots of fun.

I'll post some pictures later....right now I am too tired and have to put 3 kids to bed in time for 1 to wake up and be fed and up for another hour or so.