Thursday, December 2, 2010

18-months old!!

2010 Halloween

Daniel is 1 1/2 today! I can't believe our last little babe is
growing up so fast!
Today we went to the Dr. and here are his 18 month old stats:
33.3 inches in height - 77%
25.6 lbs - 44%
He is steadily and gradually growing from the time he was born. A few things
Daniel does and some words he an say:
mama, dada, SaRAh!, nigh nigh, love ya, tank you, kitty, dog, hot, cold, car, vroom vroom, truk, tig (tigger out cat), milk, more, pease (please), cheese, and he also says some animal sounds
He is CONSTANTLY climbing on top of the table, the back of the couch
and the top of the bunk bed.
He is a joy and we are so happy he is part
of our family. We love him to pieces!!!