Saturday, June 12, 2010

Quick Trip

Last weekend we took a quick little trip. We drove 3 hours and stayed in a hotel.

Daniel LOVES to get Joseph, you can't see his face but he is smiling soooo big as is Joseph.

We traveled to Nauvoo to see this beautiful temple. We arrived in Nauvoo friday night around 9:30pm, Brent had a youth temple trip the next morning at 7:30am so me and the kids went too, to take in a few sites, but we had to be back the following day by 4:00pm

we took a few of these pictures, we didn't get out to see the temple because it was raining pretty good off and on, but I love how you can see the temple plus the US flag and the Nauvoo water tower. So beautiful!!!

The Brickyard (these pictures with me in them are for Brooke who commented that I am never in any pictures, which I do try to avoid, maybe someday when I feel more confident in myself I will be in more)

The Blacksmith shop, notice Daniel with the broom, he found one and did not want to let go

Then we crossed back over the huge Mississippi River back into Iowa and headed home,

we took the scenic route back home and had to take a little detour to see this American landmark:

in Eldon, Iowa

Sarah and Brent

Sarah and Brent with sunglasses on

Sarah and Daniel

Megan and Joseph

It was a fun little trip and gave us a small glimpse of what the drive out to utah will be like.....I better stock up on the benadryl now! ;)