Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We are having.......

We had our ultrasound yesterday morning and the results were good. Baby looks healthy and is growing right on schedule. Brent was hoping more for a girl, I was hoping more for a boy, the kids were back and forth. (Seemed to be whatever we said we thought the baby was) So the ultrasound tech said "you want to know what sex it is?" "yes" was our answer followed by excitement to finally hear what our last child will be.......... a boy!
We are all pretty excited. Now we have girl, boy, girl, boy. Nice and even. And as Megan stated when we told her she was going to have another little brother "Now we REALLY have to come up with a name!"

So hopefully soon or at least before this baby boy comes we can come up with a name!
I'll post ultrasound pictures soon.