Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We Won!

Megan's school just had their 26th annual carnival. This is a big school event and is their major fund raiser for the PTA. Activites include pizza dinner, games like cake walk, pop trot, limbo, throw a toy cell phone into a fake toilet, and lots of different other cheap fun games for kids to win little trinkets. To go along with the fun they get donations for lots of raffle prizes. Anything from a painted picture of something from the school, a family overnight stay in a hotel, gift cards to various places, flat screen tv's and Lots more. We spent $40 on 40 raffle tickets.

So that night we went around and put our raffle tickets into the boxes of the kids' most wanted prizes. We didn't stay the whole time and left before they announced the winners and on a sunday a friend that was also there asked what we had won?! When we returned home from church we had a message from one of the raffle commitee members telling us we won this:

Not really, but close, we won a 2 hour party at a Rainbow Play Systems store with an 8" DQ cake. The kids are SOOOO excited. And so am I, Joseph's birthday is in 1 month and he has been begging us to have his party somewhere, the bowling alley, Pump IT Up, anywhere that would be really fun, Like this place! So we basically won Joseph's birthday party. I don't know who is more excited, the kids for getting to go there or me for saving $100 bucks on a party!!!!