Friday, July 25, 2008


A little while ago, I posted a picture of our messy, unorganized mess of toys. I was ready to throw them ALL out. The kids were spreading toys ALL over the house. When they play with toys they like to play with many different toys together at once.
As you can see we did not have a good system for the toys. Plus, we have acquired all these toys for the past 7 years and we haven't gotten rid of any since then.
So I had in my head how I wanted it done and I was dreading it. So yesterday I finally did it, I went through the toys.
This process included pulling all the toys out of 3 kids' bedrooms, under beds, couches, closets, everywhere. We put them all in the family room and organized them into groups. Cars, stuffed animals, "pretty things", balls, blocks, baby toys, etc, etc. Our long couch was FULL of stuffed animals and piles were everywhere. The family room was pretty full of toys.
Once that was done, we built new shelves, then I went through each pile decided what to keep, what to get rid of, then filled the baskets and a few rubbermaid totes, 1 for each bedroom and we had done it. See for yourself the finished product!

This is before, what a mess!!!

And this is after!!!! This is the same area, just more organized.

So I am VERY happy and the kids are too.
I have to give a VERY BIG GIGANTIC THANK YOU to Tabby and Heather who helped!!!