Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Joseph climbing the bleachers at Megans first baseball game.

Sarah wanting the camera

Megan up to bat.

Megan running to first base.


It has been awhile since I updated, so here goes. Exercising has still been intense, they work us good. I really like working out to music and with a group. It keeps me on track and pushes me harder than I ever would at a gym by my self. Eating is going good, I am getting my 6 small meals in a day. I do feel like my core is stronger than before. I did buy some protein shakes but I have been to afraid to try them! The last time I had a protein shake is before I was pregnant with Megan and they were horrible. Then I got pregnant and sick and just the thought of them made me throw up. So I have a bad memory of them. Brent tried one the other day though and said they weren't so bad, better than before. I think I will try mixing it with some strawberries and ice.
The kids are keeping me busy as always. I really haven't updated lately because Sarah is obsessed with anything electronic. The phone, remote, computers, radios, cameras, and anything like this. She goes nuts and if she can't have it she throws a fit. So it is hard do get on, she especially likes the computer. She has a little computer she can play with but that is not the same as the real one. Anyway, nothing to exciting lately and now Sarah has seen me so....Later.