Monday, June 1, 2009

a Good Day

It is a monday rainy morning and I thought I would list the things that would be good to do today:

- pick up house
- wash the bedding

- go to grocery store (hopefully in between bouts of rain)

- Spend time with kids

- greet mother-in-law into home to stay for a few days

- clean kitchen

-take a little nap if time allows (since I woke at 3:00am and didn't sleep again until 5:30am)

- maybe go to t-ball game (if rain lets up)

- go to hospital at 7:30pm

- have a baby before midnight

- if not before midnight sometime tonight or tomorrow morning

I thought this sounded like a great list a things to accomplish on a rainy monday! Don't you think?!
a few pictures:
Sarah took this one of me at the park, no belly shot, maybe if I feel not so huge today I will let her take a belly shot of me before going to the hospital. She did a pretty good job on this one.
Messy hair Sarah! So adorable!
As always the laughing goofy Joseph!
And sweet adorable Megan posing!

Next post: pictures and details of newest addition to the family, Daniel Jacob!