Wednesday, April 22, 2009


1. Megan likes to bring a stuffed animal on the bus just about everyday. She is on the bus in the afternoon for about 30 minutes and it helps pass the time. This morning she gets ready, goes down to the bus stop, I always watch her from our front window until she is on the bus and it goes past our house. So I am watching out our window and the bus stop sign and lights come on as it gets to our house and I think "did the bus driver not see Megan get on the bus and think she is still home?" If she misses the bus at the corner, he will pick her up at our drive way and he always drops her off at our drive way instead of the corner.
So I see Megan get off the bus and come running up to the house, I open the door and ask "what are you doing?" She forgot her stuffed the bus driver let her get off and come in and get it!!! Can you believe that? He is a great bus driver. I really need to think of a gift to give him at the end of the year to thank him for being so great.

2. This I am embarrassed to admit. I was at Walmart and I was in a little hurry, I had 20 minutes to get what we needed and to be on my way to get Joseph from preschool. I had my sunglasses in my back pocket (that I got for mother's day last year, expensive ones) and as we were headed out, they weren't there!!! I look in my pockets, not there, look in the cart, not there. So I back track some of my steps and can't find them, I go to customer service, they don't have any lost sunglasses, so I leave my info in case they are brought in.
We are walking out and I let out my monster growl, Sarah asks why I am mad. I tell her I lost my sunglasses. So we walk to the van and I go to pull out my keys and low and behold, my sunglasses come out with them!!! I don't know how I missed them. I felt so lame. I put them on and Sarah says "you found them!"