Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the latest

The latest with us:

- Joseph is done with pre-school. Yay! He is very excited to be done.

- I am not progressing yet. If I don't go into labor by Monday June 1st, I can go in and be induced that night, 7:30, there is an end in sight! I still hope I go into labor myself before then.

- We went to Brent's parents for Memorial day, had a good day there. took 2 little naps :) Kids played, grilled out, spent some good quality time with Uncle Chad and saw a newborn baby kitten, born probably just an hour or two before, my in-laws took it in because the mother abandoned it.

- Megan is remembering the baby kitten in all her prayers. At one point they thought it was dead and she was so upset and crying. A couple hours later they went to take care of it and it moved and meowed. She was soooo excited.

- Finally finished getting ready for Daniel. Crib ready, bassinet ready, clothes ready, diapers bought, all feminine products stocked up on, now we just need baby.

- Had a successful primary activity saturday. Glad it went well.

- The kids are going to be in bed and asleep everday by 8:30. This is my goal, since lately they have been going to bed later than 9:00.

- it is 4:30 right now and I am already to send them to bed ;)

- Just found out my brother and his wonderful sweet wife are having TWINS!!!!!!! Congrats Trevor and Kristine!!!!!!!