Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Birthday, Activity, Pictures, Etc, Etc.

Sarah recently turned 3 the day after thanksgiving. It was a long awaited day. Here is my poor, poor attempt at making a cake at my in-laws. It fell completely apart in the back so I tried to disguise it. It was Yummy though. I made the frosting with chocolate and powdered sugar and it was MMMMMMM. I am no cake decorator though.

Sarah didn't care what it looked like she just wanted to eat the frosting.

Blowing out the candles

Now she is going to stick her finger in it

Sarah didn't sleep so well the night before so she had a nap on her birthday. When she woke up I told her now she was 2 again, just to tease her since she has been so excited to turn 3. Now just about every day she asks me if she is still 3.....maybe I shouldn't have teased her?!
It turned out to be a fun day and she got what she asked for, Barbies!

We recently went to a nursing/rehab center to sing Christmas carols for our last of the year primary activity. It went pretty well, it was a good experience and I think the kids had fun.

We also took our Christmas card pictures and here are some of the attempts at getting a good picture. I will post the one we picked after I get them sent out.

This last one was my favorite (but not the one we picked), Daniel was telling us he was done and screaming. It was sooo funny.