Monday, December 8, 2008

m a m spells Maam

Megan taught Joseph much what she learned in kindergarten, he starts kindergarten next year, but he already knows all the sounds the letters make and is starting to sound out words and read.
He is a tough one when it comes to bed time, won't stay in bed, needs water, then says goodnight about a hundred times to us. I finally started putting books on his bed and he can look at them, this gets him to stay in bed and eventually fall asleep, but his new favorite thing to do when he gets out of bed is tell me how something is spelled. Anything he thinks of lying in bed. Last night it was : "mom I know how to spell maam m - a - m" smiles and runs back to bed
we have also heard many others d-o-g, h-d(hood), m-o-m (this is what is spells when he wants my attention), noo(new), he is getting the hang of it, he will even rewind a commercial or video if he sees a word to spell it and has to spell or sound out all the stores we go to. This is pretty fun to see him growing and learning so much. Smart boy if I do say so myself!

On another note, we always take our own christmas picture to send to family and friends each year. Dress the kids up, put them in front of the fireplace, tell a few jokes to get some good smiles, take the pictures to the kiosk at hy-vee, get christmas cards back in an hour, send them out. Lots of fun!
This is last years picture 2007, I couldn't find the one the year before that when Sarah was just 2 weeks old. So cute!

and this was one of the runner ups for cards this year, you'll have to wait to see the winner if you get one in the mail or I will post the winner once I get them sent.
Sarah's lip is all red because she has been doing the lower lip above the upper lip and got all chapped, but for the winner we covered it with a little makeup!