Sunday, December 5, 2010

Already slacking

Yesterday's post was written in my head but not on here and posted until today, so I am already slacking in my 31 days. Although there will still be 31 posts.
My favorite things to do while preparing for Christmas:
*Decorating the tree and around the fireplace - which are the only 2 area I really decorate, until this year I hung up lights outside!
*Have hot chocolate and toast for breakfast as much as possible, at least the kids, who doesn't LOVE hot chocolate and toast
* Wear long sleeves and socks everyday, to try and stay warm and cozy
* Make Christmas goodies, i.e. cookies - choc. chip, sugar cookie, snickerdoodle, fudge, choc. covered pretzels, mmmmmmm yum
* take pictures of the kids to send out christmas cards
* talk to the kids about the true meaning of Christmas and how we need to keep why we celebrate Christmas. (hopefully if you ever ask the kids this question they won't respond with something like "to get presents!")
* listen to Christmas music
* Go through toys and get rid of/store some to make room for new ones coming in a few weeks
* Watch as many Christmas movies/shows as possible, the Hallmark channel is my fav, especially on weekends
Christmas time is always so wonderful!!!

What special thing do you do?

Dear Friends

Some friends you keep in touch with all year round, talking to them once, twice a week or 3 times a month. Then there are some you keep in touch with 4-5 times a year, that still remain dear friends, that is the 2 I want to tell you about.
When I moved here 12 years ago, I was assigned to Visit Teach two Sisters who lived together, one in really not so great of health, Neva, the other a friend who cared for her, Gloria. Neva was a nanny to Gloria's children and they were good friends, so after their kids were all grown up, the moved in together and became best of friends. They have been through ups and downs together.
Neva, in and out of the hospital more times than I could count. Gloria always beside her and helping. Sometimes the tables were turned and Gloria was in need of care, but others stepped in and helped and Neva trying to help.
There have been many times we have received a call saying "this is it, you better come say good-byes, Neva isn't doing well" and Every time she is back home soon. Amazing.
We got news yesterday that Neva is moving to a Manor Care in Kansas City and Gloria, an ever amazing woman and care taker, is moving in to care for her mother in North Dakota. Their 34 years as roommates coming to a close. We will miss them, even though we didn't see them often.
They will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers and we will continue the 3-4 times a year, through email and mail friendship.