Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I have been finished with my kickboxing for some time and I got the before and after pictures from them and I will NOT post them, but I have a before and after that we have taken so due to a couple requests here they are. I don't know if you can tell a difference from the pictures, but I feel the difference.
So the top one was taken recently, not a flattering face I am making but I don't have many pictures of me. The middle is before I started kickboxing and the last is just a cute picture of Sarah when we went to the zoo.
I will definitely do the kickboxing again, but with wanting to get pregnant and needing sleep!
(I don't miss getting up at 4:30am!), I will do it after I am done having kids and can sleep without having to get up with one child or another. So for now I just try to stay active and eat healthy.